Barde + vanVoltt
Interior Architecture from Amsterdam


We’re an interior design studio. Conceptual craftsmen. Intuitive tinkerers. Best described as space strategists.

We are _________________.

Not linear.

We are: Coffee drinkers. Conceptual thinkers. Space tinkerers. Design enthusiasts. Problem solvers.

We’re also known as Bart van Seggelen and Valérie Boerma. One from fashion and product design, the other a strategist. Together, we are interpreters. We’re fluent in space, stories, and design.

We translate a personality, a need, a value, or an emotion and bring it into the physical world. We create unique spaces that express what you want, effortlessly and unexpectedly.

We do this through form, colour, contrast, bespoke furniture, and a love for the brutalist aesthetic. Sure, we can look intimidating - but that’s just because we are serious about interiors. Deep down we’re as sweet as cherry pie.

We’re an interior design studio. One that can morph into anything you need us to be. We do architecture, creative direction, graphic design, identity, product design, and tailor-made furniture for a holistic creative solution. But we never do decaf. A mean espresso is much better…

Barde + vanVoltt founders low res.jpg