Barde + vanVoltt
Interior Architecture from Amsterdam



Our design vision is our starting point. It’s in our DNA. We want to create a total concept that fits the identity of the client. It has to simultaneously look great and make sense. Otherwise a space will become meaningless. We love creating a tailor made furniture item for clients that becomes the ‘talking piece’ of their interior. Inspiration comes from the buildings’ heritage, its surroundings and people involved in the project. We don’t just tick the boxes and move on. It’s a constant creative process starting with big enthusiastic gestures and then gradually working towards a place where all the pieces come together as a holistic structure.

Here is an overview of our work.

Frank Gehry loft with Venice Beach look out

Califonia is perceived as a place of new beginnings, where great wealth could reward hard work and good luck. Our first interior project was a true Californian Dream. The loft was designed by the world famous architect #frankgehry and had a spectacular view on #venicebeach. The interior was a reflection of the cali-lifestyle and the company we designed it for. This photo brings us back in time and makes us enjoy even more where we are now. Back in the days we made most of the bespoke furniture ourselves and slept on the buildings floor working around the clock to get the office ready for our client. Now we are creating interior concepts for all kind of creative clients around the globe.

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Dutch Canal House

This Canal House has an amazing view on the National Zoo in Amsterdam. Our client has his own creative agency and works most of the time. We designed a home for him with lots of natural materials, a custom dining table that where to the heritage of the building.

Autopon - Penthouse

02062018_Barde en Van Voltt_Autopon_Scene_3_Terras_DEF1.jpg